5 Things You Did Not Know You Could Rent For Your Wedding

Posted on: 26 December 2014

From the venue to the dress, and everything in between, a wedding does not only take a lot of planning, but a lot of money as well. This is especially true if you set out to purchase everything you need for the big day. As important it is to you to have the perfect wedding, there is no reason to invest in a bunch of stuff that will only be put to use for one day and then stuck in storage or handed down to someone else. Thankfully, there are many things you can rent for your wedding from a wedding and party rental company.

It is no secret that common items are available for rent when it comes to what you need for the event, such as seating, tables, and musical equipment. However, there are a few unusual items available you may have never thought of.

1. Photo Booth

One of the hottest trends in the modern wedding is to make a photo booth available for guests. This can give everyone the chance to create a picture of themselves while they are in attendance without relying on selfies or passing around a camera. Instead of investing money in creating a booth, make sure you check on photo booth rental.

2. Flowers

Live flowers can be one of the biggest wedding expenses and are only admired for a few hours before being tossed out. Why not rent lifelike flower arrangements for decor and reserve the live flower arrangements for bouquets? This will save you a lot of money.

3. Service Dishes and Silverware

You could easily spend a couple thousand dollars investing in enough dishes and silverware to serve all of the guests at your wedding. If your dishes will not be supplied by the catering company, renting what you need is usually an option.

4. Plexiglass Pool Covers

Instead of paying a huge amount for a wedding reception hall, rent a plexiglass pool cover and transform your backyard pool area into a magnificent entertaining area. This is an especially appealing choice for evening events when the pool can be lit up beneath the clear cover.

5. Tree Stumps

Country themed weddings are a lot of fun to plan and attend, but not everyone has access to tree stumps that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as holding a guest book or hoisting that gorgeous retro vase into place. Tree stumps that have been treated with protective spray can usually be obtained at a wedding rental store.

Just because you want to create a wedding day that will always be remembered, it does not mean that you have to sink thousands of dollars into getting all you need. Wedding and party rentals make finding what you need a lot easier for your wedding budget to handle.


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