Tips For Saving On Bridal And Bridesmaid Dresses

Posted on: 16 January 2015

Dresses and gowns are a hefty part of any wedding budget. If you have your eye on designer duds, the price can quickly surpass your planned amount. Fortunately, there are ways to save on gowns for both the bride and bridesmaids that won't require that you give up your dream dress.

Tip #1: Designer on a Budget

If your heart is set on a designer dress, there's no reason to say no due to budget concerns. High end boutiques aren't the only option for designer wedding gowns. You can find many of your favorite designers online at a steep discount compared to the boutique prices. The following tips can help you order wisely:

  • Try on the dream dress at a local boutique first before committing to an online purchase.

  • Do your research. Look for reviews on bridal forums and online for online retailers that specialize in wedding attire. Forums are great place for reviews, because these are usually from real people and they aren't paid reviews.

  • Hire a seamstress. Your dress will likely need a few alterations, which are best handled by a local seamstress. Have her take your initial measurements before ordering to ensure the best fit out of the box. Custom designer dresses are usually altered before shipping, so accurate measurements are a must.

  • Check shop policies carefully before placing your order. Nonrefundable deposits are common, and the online shop likely won't accept returns if they perform any alterations before shipping.

  • Order well in advance. Custom-fitting a designer gown takes time, so your dress may take several weeks to arrive. You may also need last minute alterations done locally.

Tip #2: Bridesmaid Bargains

When it comes to the bridesmaids, you have several choices. Even if your bridesmaids are paying for their own dresses, you should try to save them as much green as possible.

The little black dress method is a popular option. Bridesmaids supply their own dress in the style of their choice. The color, usually black, is the only requirement. Other requests can also be added, such as sleeve or skirt length. Purchasing online is another option, especially if you want matching bridesmaids or designer gowns.

Tip #3: Rental Instead

Renting is the traditional method for getting the groom's and groomsmen's tuxes, but it's an under-utilized method for scoring inexpensive designer gown for the bride and her bridesmaids. You can rent dresses both online and from local rental boutiques.

Renting works best when you wear a common size that will require few alterations. Most rental companies do provide minor alterations, but these are done using temporary methods so the dress can be reused for the next bride. If you don't care about keeping your dress, renting can save you a lot. Even if you purchase the gown, rental is a good option for the bridesmaids.

Your dream wedding doesn't have to leave you broke. Looking for bargains doesn't ruin the romance, instead it ensures you have the wedding dress design you want at a price you can afford.


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