Hosting A Halloween Party You Won't Forget

Posted on: 17 April 2015

If you are a huge Halloween fan, and you plan on hosting a costume party this coming fall, you may want to start making preparations now so you can have an event that guests will be talking about for years. Halloween is a holiday that many people enjoy, and having a party where you can dress up is exciting for any horror fan. Here are some ideas you can use to have your own Halloween party, impressing your friends and family as a result.

Setting The Stage

The first thing that will need to be done to host your party, would be to decide where to have it located. If you are having the event at your home, consider having the party outdoors underneath a huge event tent. This will be the perfect setting for an eerie aura if the party is held during nighttime hours. You can use a portion of the tent for a spooky haunted walk-through area, giving guests a thrill as they weave themselves through a maze of ghouls and spiderwebs.

The other half of the tent can be used for dining, dancing and games. Tent rental services, like those found at, can bring the tent to your home, set it up for you, and remove it when the event is over. This will save the interior of your home from people traipsing through, especially in awkward costumes.

Decorating The Area

After the tent is in place, string Halloween lights in purple or orange around the entryway. Inside, have an arrow sign point the way towards the spooky walk-through. Use fake skeletons, spiderwebs and gravestones to adorn the area for guests to make their way through to the main festivities. Have a few people hide and jump out at guests as they walk through. These people can also keep an eye on guests to make sure they are walking to the correct spot. 

Enjoying The Main Event

Have tables set up for guests to relax while eating finger foods and drinking ghoul punch. Hire a disc jockey to play spooky tunes during the walk-through portion of the night and festive Halloween favorites during the rest of the event. Play games like bobbing for apples or biting donuts off a piece of string for prizes. Hold a spooky limbo content. Have guests vote on the best, scariest and most original costumes and announce the winners near the end of the night.


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