Make Magic-Themed Decorations And Appetizers For Your Child's Birthday Party

Posted on: 21 April 2016

If you are going to be hosting a magic show at your child's birthday party, making magic-themed decorations and appetizers can help make the event appealing to all who attend. The following ideas can be incorporated with some basic materials and preparations.

Top Hat Centerpieces

Collect empty oat containers that are cylinder-shaped. Tape black construction paper to the outside of each one. Cut large circles out of cardboard and cover them with black paper, as well. Mark the center of each cardboard circle. Place the base of one oat container over each one and use craft glue to secure the pieces.

Place a few, colorful scarves and a stuffed rabbit inside of the opening in each oat container. Arrange the scarves so that their ends are hanging over the brim of each oat container and make sure that the rabbit that is in the middle of each opening can be seen. Place one hat in the middle of each table that guests will be sitting at to eat and watch the magic show. 

Playing Card Place Mats

Use a pencil to trace stenciled numbers and shapes onto large pieces of card stock to replicate real playing cards. Color in the designs with red or black markers. Place each piece of card stock in between two laminating sheets, with the adhesive side of each sheet facing inwards. Press the sheets firmly together. Use scissors to trim the edges of the laminating sheets if they are longer or wider than the card stock pieces.

Arrange the place mats on each table that is being used to serve guests. Once the party is over, encourage each guest to take their place mat home with them as a souvenir. 

Magic Wand Appetizers

Dip the ends of pretzel rods into chocolate sauce. Sprinkle toasted coconut onto the chocolate sauce until all of the ends are evenly covered. Use tubes of colorful icing to make star shapes or other shapes across the length of each pretzel. Lay colorful parchment paper or doilies on metal serving trays. Arrange the pretzel rods in a single layer across each tray. Offer the "magic wands" to the guests while they are waiting for the magic show to begin. 

The preparations that you have made will impress each of the guests who attend the party and will provide the room that the party is being held in with a magical aura. If you're still in the planning stages of your child's party, keep these ideas in mind, as well as the possibility of choosing to host the event at a kids entertainment venue. 


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