5 Things To Discuss With Your Wedding DJ Before The Big Day

Posted on: 7 July 2016

A lot of time and effort goes in to planning a wedding and reception, so it is natural for you to want everything to go perfect on your big day. Your wedding DJ will play a big part during your wedding reception, so make sure you schedule a meeting with him or her prior to the wedding. Some of the important things to discuss with your wedding DJ include the following:

List of Important Songs

During your pre-wedding meeting, make sure you have a typed list of important songs that you would like played during the reception, including the song for your entrance with your spouse, the wedding party introduction, the first dance, the father/daughter and mother/son dance, and the cake cutting. Let your DJ know if you would like the whole song played or if you want the music to fade out after a certain amount of time. 

Name Pronunciation

When you meet with your wedding DJ, take the time to go over everyone's names so the DJ knows how to pronounce them when announcing you and your spouse and the wedding party at the reception. The last thing you want is for your DJ to mispronounce someone's name during an important part of your reception. In addition to verbally discussing name pronunciation, it is a good idea to provide a written list of everyone's names along with the phonetic spelling.

The Do-Not-Play List

If there are specific songs or genres of music that you can't stand, provide a list for your wedding DJ of things that should not be played at the reception. Your DJ will still be able to take song requests from your guests, and if someone requests a song that you don't want played, your DJ can just say that it is not available.

The Reception Timeline

It is a good idea to go over the reception timeline with your wedding DJ so he or she knows what times to make announcements or play special songs. Knowing the timeline for the event will allow your wedding DJ to be prepared and keep the flow of the reception on track.

MC Responsibilities

Talk with the DJ about whether or not you want him or her to speak over the mic outside of introducing you and your spouse and the wedding party. Some people find MC chatter during a reception to be entertaining, while others dislike it--let your DJ know what camp you are in so he or she understands your expectations.


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