Personalized Potatoes Sent Anonymously Through The U.S. Mail

Posted on: 16 August 2016

If you would like to give someone in your family or circle of friends a good laugh and a mystery to solve, consider a personalized potato sent anonymously via first class mail. A potato can be sent through the mail without an envelope, box, bag, or any other container and with postage stamps glued directly on the potato skin. It can be sent for any occasion or no occasion at all. 

You can send a potato through the mail yourself, but it is convenient and fun to have a professional potato-mailing company send it for you. A professional potato-mailing company takes care of all of the details: handwriting your message on a potato, attaching the postage stamps, and mailing the spud at the post office. Also, if you have a professional potato-mailing company send the potato, the hand-written message on the spud will not be in your handwriting and the postage stamps can be canceled in a city other than your own. All of this will add to the mystery and fun of sending a potato anonymously through the U.S. Mail. Here are a few things to consider if you would like to send a potato anonymously through the mail:

  • Potato Styles - Any type of potato can be sent through the mail including a Yukon Gold, a Red Skin, a Fingerling, a Russet, and even a Sweet Potato. A Russet potato is a very popular choice because of its large size and pale skin color that makes a good background for a personalized hand-written message. A potato postcard can also be sent to your friend or relative with a picture of the recipient's face glued on one side of the potato. If you are feeling extravagant, you can also arrange to have an entire sack of potatoes anonymously sent through the mail.  
  • Potato Messages - An anonymously sent potato can carry a personalized message to add to the fun and mystery of this gift. The recipient's name and address can be written on one side of a sizable potato along with postage stamps to pay for its travel to their mailbox. On the other side of the potato, a personal message can be written in black permanent marker. Anonymous messages are often puns and funny sayings such as "Mashter of Disguise" or "You're Hot" written on the potato. You can also arrange to have your own private message written on the potato that is understood only by you and your recipient. 
  • Potato Accessories - An anonymously sent potato can be a great gift by itself but if you would like to include something in addition, consider another package that contains a small burlap or silk bag to hold the potato. Another accessory that can be included is a silver, copper, or brass pendant in the shape of a potato on a matching metal chain. Potato-shaped earrings or charms can also be fun accessories. For more laughs, individual packets of salt, pepper, and/or ketchup can be sent. 

If you wish to have a potato sent anonymously through the mail, search online for a company that specializes in sending spuds through the mail. There are many potato-mailing companies and each will offer different services and accessories from which to choose. Whatever company or message you choose, your recipient will be surprised and delighted when they receive the gift of an anonymously sent potato. It is a great gift that you and your friends and relatives will talk about for years to come. Contact a company like Sweet Potato Express to get started.


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