Tips For Standing Out To A Talent Agency

Posted on: 30 August 2016

Lots of people want to be in the movies, but many people don't know how to go about achieving this dream. One way to help make sure that you are able to get into the industry is to get picked up by a talent agency. Talent agencies are designed to help people find jobs, but they tend to be selective on who they allow to sign on with them. Here are some tips for standing out to a talent agency so that you can improve your chances of being accepted.

1. Write a Good Cover Letter

Your cover letter is going to be the first thing that a casting agent sees about you. This means that it is going to be the basis of most of his or her opinion about you from the start. Due to this fact, you need to make sure that you have an absolutely killer cover letter that will attract interest to you and make the talent agent want to see your promo reel. 

In order to make your cover letter help you stand out, you first need to get the basics right. Use correct spelling and grammar. Don't go onto more than a single page or else you risk having a talent agent simply ignore your entire letter out of exasperation. Add details that are specific to the talent agency by stating that you admire other actors that got their start with that particular agency or by including knowledge of specific practices that the agency uses. This will help show that you are interested enough in the agency to do your research. Finally, turn your cover letter into a PDF file in order to preserve your formatting so that it will look the same on all computers.

2. Carefully Choose Your Clips

When you send in your application, you will also need to send in a promo reel of you acting. You might have a ton of experience, but you will need to carefully choose your clips in order to find the ones that show you at your absolute best. Try to get a range of genres and acting styles in your clip selection in order to show the talent agency your acting range. Choosing a small number of truly excellent clips tends to be better than sending in tons of clips because you will avoid fatiguing the agent.

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