The Right Lighting Equipment Helps A Goth Band Walk The Line During An Opening Act

Posted on: 15 December 2016

A concert has to have the right look and the right sound. Making sure the audience is able to hear the music and singing clearly is a proverbial no-brainer. How the concert is lit plays a strong role in whether or not the audience gives the performance a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Lighting a single band for a particular audience is never easy, but when more than one band is playing, things become a bit more difficult. If one of the bands may be a bit too dark or goth for some in the audience, things get really tricky. Having the right concert lighting equipment could help ensure the show turns out well for all involved.

A Music History Lesson

Turning the stage into something too dark or morbid may not go over well with those in attendance who are waiting for the headline act. Fans of music history may recall the strange mix of KISS opening for Black Oak Arkansas. The looks and style of the bands were so different that KISS didn't last long on the tour as an opener. In the early 1970's, however, stage equipment was limited. Today, things can be more easily tweaked to somewhat maintain a consistency in style between acts.

Complementing the Band's Style

A metal or alternative rock band that maintains a gothic or horror movie influence is not going to dress in bright, cheery colors. Even when the music has an upbeat tempo, the band is going to stick with more appropriate fashion. The lighting has to mesh well with the look—and sound—of such a band. Not complementing the band's style is going to undermine the performance. The audience won't likely react well to a visual mashup in which the lighting really doesn't fit the band.

Keeping the Audience into the Show

Using dark blue hues with the lighting adds a sense of creepiness to a creepy-looking band. Allowing the dark blue to shift to a lighter shade of blue at strategic points of the set lightens up the darker edge of the band when necessary. The audience is able to "get" the act without being put off by the look. Of course, the lighting has to be done right to achieve this result.

Accessing the Right Equipment

A disjointed look with the lighting transitions is going to ruin the show. Renting the best professional lighting equipment available and all necessary accessories ensures that you'll achieve the right result. Renting from the right company not only allows access to the best equipment, but doing so also increases the odds that the concert will turn out perfect. For more information and advice, contact a company like Concert Sound and Lighting.


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