Three Fun First Date Ideas That Don't Include Alcohol

Posted on: 12 May 2017

If you and your date are not drinkers, perhaps even being in the program, then it can be tricky to figure out what to do. A restaurant can be a bit intimidating if one or both of you are sober. And a bar is definitely out of the question. So, you could always hit a cafe and have coffee, but if you're looking for something a bit more active and fun, then you want something besides sitting at a table over lattes. Walking around and doing something can help smooth out the awkwardness on the first date. Here's a few ideas.

Indoor Rock Climbing

If you want something that will really get the adrenaline pumping, which is awesome for making you both feel good, then consider an indoor rock climbing class. These are perfect for beginners since you can go in cold, with no prior experience rock climbing, and still have fun. You and your date can get basic lessons, get hooked up to the harness and ropes, and learn how to climb the artificial rock wall. The rock climbing place will have pads, and because of the rope and harness setup, there is not the same chance of injury that you might encounter out in the wild.

Zoo or Botanical Garden

If you are having a date during the nice weather and would like to be outside, then either the zoo or a botanical garden is a great idea. You can walk around and look at either the animals or the flowers, which will give you something to talk about in case you run into awkward silences. Simply strolling around a park or in the city might present too many dead spots in the conversation. The zoo and the botanical gardens are really fun too, as they are not places people go to all the time, so it's a bit of a special event.

A Cool Night Out Bowling

You always have the option of bowling at an alley like Sparetimes Bowling. You can find a very cool bowling alley that has a club style night theme, with neon lights and fun music. Bowling is a relaxing, not-too-stressful activity, so for people who might not be up to scaling an indoor rock wall and don't want to walk around outside in the sun (and maybe get hot and sweaty), indoor bowling is a super idea.

There are also lots of people around, so if it's a first date and you're a bit nervous about hanging out solo with someone for the first time (maybe you've met them online), then the bowling alley is the perfect spot. It's also low key, so unlike a super fancy restaurant, there isn't the added pressure of being in a intimidating environment. The bowling alley will also have coffee, sodas, and snack foods, which are perfect if you want to extend the date after your game.


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