Things to Do on the Warm-Up Lap of a Go-Kart Race

Posted on: 26 November 2019

When you enter a go-kart race at an amusement park, you'll often get to take a warm-up lap before the race begins. This is especially common in the case of standing starts. Once you get onto the track, one of the officials will instruct you to take a warm-up lap at a slow speed, and then return to the starting grid to await the green flag. You might be eager for the race to begin, but your warm-up lap can be highly useful once you're racing in earnest. Here are some things that you should do during this initial lap.

Notice Passing Zones

Depending on the layout of the go-kart track, there might be specific zones that are ideal for passing. These are often areas where the track widens to some degree, allowing racers to travel two wide until one of them is able to execute a pass. There are plenty of areas of the track that aren't likely conducive to passing, so it's useful to know where you should plan to pass and where you should avoid doing so. Figuring this information out during your warm-up lap will help you to develop a sound racing strategy once the green flag waves.

Be Aware Of Difficult Corners

Most go-kart tracks at amusement parks have one or more corners that are especially challenging. Often, these are corners in which the track turns sharply — perhaps close to 90 degrees — or even in a hairpin-like manner. Noticing these corners during your low-speed warm-up lap can prove to be advantageous, as you can be ready for them when you're racing. A fellow competitor who doesn't take note of these challenging sections of the track during his or her warm-up lap may hit the wall, skid out of control, or need to apply the brakes hard to get around the corner. You can adjust your speed and approach angle accordingly to navigate these areas as expertly as possible.

Note Scuffed Areas

If the go-kart track has a plastic or rubber barrier around some sections of it, use your warm-up lap to notice parts of the barrier that have black scuffs on them. These marks indicate that other go-kart drivers have made contact with the barrier in these areas — which may suggest to you that one of these sections is more challenging than it looks. Being aware of these areas so that you can tackle them carefully may lead to success when you're racing at the amusement park.

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