Rent A Mechanical Bull For After Prom!

Posted on: 24 March 2020

Everyone who has ever attended prom knows that the fun doesn't stop after the dance. High school students want to continue to party even after the dance. Schools, communities, and parents often pull together to host fun activities after prom in order to keep the kids safe and out of trouble. Hypnotists, movies and themed parties are popular activities that are a bit cliche. If you are looking to host an after-prom event (or, let's face it, any high school event) consider renting a mechanical bull!

Mechanical bulls are safe.

You can usually find a mechanical bull for rent through a local party rental facility. These attractions can be very safe, but there are a few things you need to ask about when contacting a mechanical bull rental company.

  • Is there a trained attendant? Your best and safest option is to have a trained attendant provided along with the bull itself.  These people are versed in how it works and what needs to happen to keep the experience safe.
  • Is it an electric bull? Electric bulls tend to be safer than hydraulic bulls.  A hydraulic system tends to be more complex and does not have a system in place to automatically cease operation once a person falls off. They also can leak oil. Electric bulls have a safety switch that will immediately stop the machine once a person falls. This prevents the bull from hitting a person on the ground.
  • Is there an inflatable landing pad? Some mechanical bull operators utilize hay or a mat for landing. These materials can still make for a rough landing.  Make sure your mechanical bull is equipped with an inflatable landing pad or mat, similar to a bounce house. This will make for a softer landing and is less likely to cause an injury.
  • Do they have insurance? It is a good idea to check and see if the company you rent your bull from is equipped with insurance in case of any type of injury. 

Mechanical bulls are fun!

The trained attendant or operator of your mechanical bull knows the ins and outs of the job. They should know how to make a good ride for each person who attempts the bull. Anyone, of any skill level, should have a great time. Students will love to watch their friends (and maybe teachers) attempt to stay on the bull! This is not an experience most teenagers have ever experienced and they will likely talk about it for years after!

To learn more about renting a mechanical bull for an event, reach out to an entertainment company near you.


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